Mollificio Felsineo

Mollificio Felsineo was established in 1970 to produce metal SPRINGS and is still led by the Mazzanti family which personally manages the company. The staff has grown over time to the current 30 people. The HQ of the company, including offices, workshop and warehouses, is located in Bologna, in northern Italy, just on the side of Bologna international airport.

R & D

Mollificio Felsineo offers a relevant technical experience in the field of metallurgy, acquired from constant interaction with the best European metals suppliers and from its intense production and quality control activities. We currently advise our customers on their choice of optimum materials for specific projects. Special production processes are developed in house for customers, world leaders in their field, such as for the springs used in balancers.
For the design of springs, the company uses modern software, integrated into its CAD-CAM equipment.
The exchange of specifications and drawings with the technical departments of the customers is performed by SOLID WORKS and DRAFT SIGHT software packages, compatible with most used modern design tools.


Our springs

Mollificio Felsineo is equipped to produce SPRINGS in high volumes or in series of modest size, using all current materials like stainless steel, high or low carbon steel, special textured, sorbitic steels, copper and titanium alloys, brass, bronze.
We produce wire springs with wire diameter from 0,15 to 20 mm.

Complex custom shaped springs are produced with multiforming CNC machines capable to control up to 12 axes.
Flat springs, helical springs pressure and tension springs in all current geometrical forms as well as the more demanding, spiral and violin F-holes springs are part of our production.

Mollificio Felsineo offers solid competence in the production of small mechanical parts and special precision mechanical components.

Mollificio Felsineo is in condition to performs in house thermal treatment on raw or annealed steels.

Our offer of surface treatments, performed either in our premises or at our trusted long term partners, includes micro peening, painting as requested by the customers, galvanic zinc ( yellow, white or trivalent ) plating, cataphoresis for protection against salty fog, aesthetic chrome, nickel or plastic plating. Moreover: Dacromet, Geomet for anti rust protection. On specific customer request we can provide electro polishing , vacuum annealing, tumbling, nitriding, black oxidizing.


Project management

Each project is led by a member of the management in the function of Project Manager, acting as direct interface to the customer and responsible for all aspects of administrative and technical subjects.


Quality control

Mollificio Felsineo adopted and carefully follows the quality control methods imposed by its certification EN ISO 9001-2008. With carefully maintained workshop machines, a well equipped test laboratory and continuously trained staff, the number of defective parts for the whole production is maintained at the level of 0,2%.
Mollificio Felsineo, in cooperation with its suppliers, respects the rules imposed by the RoHS directive and is therefore estimated partner to the electro and electronic industry.


The Workshop

Constantly updated to the growing need for precision, speed and customer economics, the workshop is organized and managed to be flexible and respond to urgent needs of prototypes, technical modifications, speed for production of high and constant quality products volumes.
The workshop includes electronic and mechanical winding machines, machines for manual operations, finishing, bending, multislide, torsion machines. Moreover : heat treatment ovens, machinery for molding and violin F-holes springs manufactury, presses up to 50 tons.

The Warehouse

The raw materials warehouse

To respond rapidly to unforeseen needs of customers Mollificio Felsineo maintains an intelligent supply of raw materials as protection from possible delivery or transport delays from its suppliers.

The shipping department

Mollificio Felsineo has experience of managing the stock for deliveries with the current methods of “Rolling Forecast” as well as shipping around the world, with the many, different requirements for packaging, documentation, customs regulations. We are therefore confident to be able to satisfy with competence also special requests of customers in this area.

Mollificio Felsineo s.r.l.

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