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Springs for every need
We produce all types of spring
also according to the customer's design
REG. N. 4216-1
UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

Since 1970 the Mollficio Felsineo is manufacturing SPRINGS, Integrated in a large range of products by our customers worldwide.

We operate both with strict adherence to the customer developed design or samples and with own development on the customer's guidelines.

Very often our experience enables us to suggest, in connexion with the customers engineers, modifications oriented to improve performance and cost.

Our deep experience with metals, modern CAD-CAM tools, a constantly updated workshop, together with a careful management of all our resources, allow us to offer optimal technical and price competitive solutions. We care to grant excellent quality within reliable delivery terms.

Our workshop is oriented to flexibility and enables us to produce quickly prototypes as well as develop projects of small and special precision metal parts with various types of steel, copper and titanium alloys.

Our dedicated staff will promptly answer any request for info or quotation and respond in the spirit of completely satisfying the customers.